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Caronte & Tourist Group

Electronic Invoice

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From 1st January 2019 the invoice for a Caronte & Tourist Group ticket can be requested only at the time of ticket purchase.

The invoice will be in electronic format.


What is the electronic invoice?

The 2018 Budget Law introduced the obligation of electronic invoicing for the supply of goods and services provided between residents, established or identified in the territory of the state.

Electronic invoicing is a digital system for issuing, transmitting and storing invoices that allows you to abandon paper support and all related management costs.

The new format in which electronic invoices must be produced, transmitted, saved and stored by the Revenue Agency is digital (XML format), a computer language that allows the definition and control of the meaning of the elements contained in a document, thus verifying the information for the purposes of the checks required by law.

Starting from 1st January 2019, all invoices must be transmitted only through the Interchange System (SDI), according to the technical rules set by the Revenue Agency.

Invoices issued in different ways will be considered as not issued, with consequent responsibilities both for the supplier and the customer.

In order to be able to fulfill this obligation and, in particular, to be able to receive the invoice, each customer must have at least one of the following communication channels:

  • PEC address, certified electronic mail;
  • Recipient Code (it is released by the SDI upon request, and is composed of 7 alphanumeric digits).

Customers who are exclusively in possession of the Tax Code, as persons, will receive the electronic invoice on their e-mail address (not necessarily certified) and, upon registration c / o the Revenue Agency, will find the same invoice in their own drawer tax.


How do I request an electronic invoice for a Caronte & Tourist Group ticket?

To obtain an electronic invoice for any Caronte & Tourist Group ticket, the following simple procedure must be followed:

  1. When purchasing the ticket, request the invoice by communicating exclusively your VAT number / Tax Code (to the ticket operator or enter it in the online booking section);
  2. After purchasing your ticket, and only at the time of your first e-invoice request, access the "E-Invoice" section available on the website and proceed, within 72 hours of purchase, with the registration * of the necessary data for the issue of the invoice itself.
    Should you prefer it, you can also register your data by contacting Caronte & Tourist Group Customer Service on 090.57.37.
  3. Once you have registered your registry, you will receive the desired invoice on your certified e-mail (and / or in your fiscal drawer) according to the timing provided by the Exchange System.

After registering, if you were to travel with Caronte & Tourist Group again, it will be sufficient for you to communicate your VAT / Tax Code during the purchase phase and the invoice will be sent to you automatically without having to enter your details for the second time.

* Attention the registration of your registry must take place within 72 hours from the day of purchase of the ticket for which the invoice is desired and is also necessary for customers with loyalty card (Carta Club, Top Client, Traghetti Card, etc...).


What happens if I cancel or modify my ticket?

If you have to cancel your Caronte & Tourist Group ticket, you will automatically receive the electronic credit note at the pec address (and / or in your fiscal drawer) associated with your registry.

If you have to change your Caronte & Tourist Group ticket, you will automatically receive the electronic credit note relating to the invoice originally issued and the new electronic invoice relevant to the new ticket.


What do I have to do to change my registered personal data for handling invoices?

To make any changes to your registry, it will be sufficient to send an appropriate request to, specifying the change to be made.