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Quality Policy

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Management responsibilities - Quality policy

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA is a private shipping company. Operating in the shipping, shipbuilding and port services sectors, the Group's core business is ferries to the smaller islands of Sicily.

The mission of Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA is to provide services in the maritime field while pursuing the highest quality standards, enhancing skills in growth initiatives that accompany the maintenance of strategic alliances and partnerships with the main players in the maritime market, to create value for its shareholders, customer satisfaction and the professional growth of its collaborators.

In order to guarantee a service focusing on the maximum satisfaction of its customers, and more generally, of all stakeholders, Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA defines the reference principles of its Quality Policy.

The following Quality Policy was therefore created as a commitment of General Management, also through the work of all personnel, in obtaining and maintaining UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard certification, which includes:

  • The continuous satisfaction of the needs of its customers and of the stakeholders relevant to the management system
  • The continuous satisfaction of the requirements of the products as well as of a mandatory nature both in terms of the product and impacting the company management system
  • Continuous attention to the needs of collaborators in order to establish and maintain a corporate climate that can favour their behavioural and professional growth
  • Continuous improvement of its performance, optimising internal processes

To ensure understanding and sharing, this document has been disseminated to all levels of the organisation through information meetings and displays within its facilities, in order to make it accessible to visitors as well.

On the basis of the general principles set out below, measurable objectives are defined in more detailed documents that are monitored during the annual Management reviews, in order to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

Attention focused on the customer and stakeholders

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA is committed to understanding the needs of customers and plans its activities to fully satisfy them. In the same way, it operates in compliance with the requirements and demands:

  • Of the reference market
  • Of the country in which it operates, complying with laws and regulations
  • Of all parties involved in its processes which are deemed critical

Process-oriented approach

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA identifies the different activities of its organisation as processes to be planned and controlled and constantly improved, and best activates the resources for their implementation. Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA manages its own processes so that the following are unique:

  • The objectives to be pursued and the expected results
  • Related responsibilities and resources employed


Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of its QMS, making all necessary resources available and ensuring that the planned objectives are compatible with the context and strategic guidelines. Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA communicates the importance of the QMS and actively involves all stakeholders, coordinating and supporting them.

Risks and opportunities assessment

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA plans its processes with a risk-based thinking (RBT) approach in order to implement the most suitable actions for:

  • Assessing and dealing with risks associated with processes
  • Exploiting and reinforcing the opportunities identified

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA promotes an adequate sense of proactivity in managing its risks at all levels.

Involvement of personnel and stakeholders

Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA is aware that the involvement of personnel and all stakeholders, together with the active participation of all collaborators, are a primary strategic element.

It promotes the development of internal professionalism and the careful selection of external collaborations in order to equip itself with competent and motivated human resources.


Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA has a permanent objective to improve the performance of its QMS. Preliminary assessment of the risks and opportunities connected with company processes, internal and external verification activities and management review are the tools that Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA implements to constantly improve itself. Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori SpA has chosen to pursue its Quality Policy through a Quality Management System compliant with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2015.

Company Management undertakes to sign what has been declared and to disclose it to all stakeholders

PD 501 - Revision of 2 September 2020