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Caronte & Tourist

Quality Policy

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Caronte & Tourist S.p.A. is a private shipping company resulting from the merger of two historic shipping companies of maritime transport, the Calabrian Caronte S.p.A. and the Sicilian Tourist Ferry Boat S.p.A. The Group, which operates in the sectors of shipowning, shipbuilding and port services, concentrates its core business on the trasport by ferry on the Strait of Messina and in the cabotage on the Messina-Salerno line.

More than half a century of Caronte & Tourist means half a century of history of the Strait community. A community whose growth we have witnessed and also, to some extent, have been co-protagonists in making a significant impact and in creating wealth in a territory to which we are deeply and inextricably attached to. Messina and Reggio Calabria have long represented two cities divided by the Strait, beloging to different regions, with a different territorial morphology, a different local regulatory context due to the fact they belong to two different regions, one with special status, the other with an ordinary one. The economic structure of the two provinces has long been different and still has strong specificities. However, the two provinces are united by history and by many characteristics that make them similar under many aspects.

Caronte & Tourist’s mission is to provide high quality standard shipping management services, enhancing the skills in growth initiatives that accompany the maintenance of strategic alliances and partnerships with the main maritime market players, to create value for its shareholders, customer satisfaction and professional growth of its employees.

The Management of CARONTE & TOURIST S.P.A., aware that quality is primarily customer satisfaction and its continuous increase, has established, implements and maintains the corporate quality policy that is appropriate to the purposes and context of the Company, supports its strategic guidelines and constitutes a framework of reference for setting quality objectives. The quality policy also includes the commitment to increase and meet the requirements of the Customer and other interested parties, to comply with the applicable mandatory requirements and a pursue the continuous improvement of the quality management system.

To allow the implementation of this policy, and to improve it over time, the Management has made available the resources, the people, the technical and economic means and processes as it believes that continuous improvement is indispensable to compete in the market and to develop in compliance with the conditions of economy and profitability and in the respect for the needs and expectations of interested parties.

The Management has also committed itself to defining objectives over time that can be monitored, to allow for the necessary corrective and improvement actions.

More specifically, the Management has established, as fundemental elements of its Quality Policy, its committment to:

  1. Establish, apply, supply and constantly improve the company’s business processes, both operational and managerial, to fully satisfy customers’ expectations and of other interested parties in respect of their requirements and the applicable mandatory ones;
  2. Guarantee the involvement, awareness, motivation, leadership and active participation of the staff who carry out work under its control;
  3. Determine and evaluate the risks and opportunities to be able to achieve the expected results;
  4. Guarantee the safety and reliability of the service in a work environment that respects everyone's safety;
  5. Reduce anomalies, non-conformities and complaints through their correction, prevention and activities of continuous improvement that take into account the increase in customer satisfaction;
  6. Pursue the continuous improvement of the Organization and its processes and the constant evolution of the system to verify and adapt their correspondence to the context in which the Company operates and to the needs and expectations of the interested parties;
  7. Ensure evidence-based decision-making processes and a framework for determining and reviewing objectives for quality in an objective and measurable way;
  8. Demonstrate the correct application of the Quality Management System through certification by a third party entity;
  9. Ensure that the quality policy is available and documented, and it is communicated, understood and applied within the Company and is made available to interested parties;
  10. Review the validity and adequacy of the quality policy at least annually on the day of the Management review.

The Management highlights how quality is everyone's commitment and asks for direct commitment to the application of the System Quality. In support of these commitments, the Management defines quality objectives and commits to review them annually.

15 January 2020

The Management of
Caronte & Tourist S.p.A.