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Conditions for passenger transport

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Information: Conditions for Passenger Transport

1 - Definitions

By "passenger", it is intended any person transported on the basis of a travel ticket issued by the carrier and/or authorised agencies.

"Carrier" or "Company" means Cartour S.r.l.

"Vehicle" is understood as any vehicle used by a passenger and not used for carriage of goods. Also included under the definition of a vehicle is any trailer and/or caravan, even if subject to different prices due to their greater bulk.

The Carrier undertakes to carry the passenger and the vehicle/s the following general terms and conditions of carriage that are properly advertised at all authorised ticket offices, at the "Carrier" headquarters, and onboard the ship/s, and which can be consulted on the carontetourist.it website and are, in any case, reported on the travel ticket and therefore the purchase and/or possession of the ticket includes the knowledge and acceptance by the passenger of their content.

2 - Transport and validity regulations

The subject of the contract is the provision of the transport of passengers, luggage and vehicles onboard, as governed by Article 396 et seq. of the Admiralty Law, as well as by Regulation CE/392/2009 and the EU/1177/2010. The Carrier shall not be liable for any damage caused to the passenger by the delay or failure to carry out the execution of the carriage, subject to the provisions of Article 18, 19 and 20 of the Regulation EU/1177/2010. For the liability regime in respect of the transport of passengers, their luggage and vehicles, insofar as that not covered by these general conditions, express reference is made to the provisions in force under the Italian Maritime Code and the Regulation EU/1177/2010 and, thereafter, the Italian Civil Code. The transit ticket is personal, non-assignable and non-transferable, and is valid only for the transportation indicated therein. The ticket must be diligently kept by the passenger and must be exhibited at the request of the Company's personnel. The person not in possession of a ticket must promptly inform the Commander and/or the Commissioner on board. Failure to do so will result in being required to pay double the fare for the journey to the destination or disembarkation port, in addition to any compensation for damages. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the details of the booking purchased correspond to their needs. If not, the carrier is not responsible for any errors. Passengers in possession of a prepaid reservation present upon boarding with a vehicle whose type is not the same as that of the vehicle reserved is required to pay the difference in price between the booked vehicle and that subject to boarding, prior to actually boarding. This procedure does not in any way affect the right to use the onboard space already purchased and listed on the ticket, provided that the space on board is sufficient for the actual type of vehicle.

3 - Price of passage

The price indicated on the ticket is that in effect on the date of its issue. In the case of credit card payments, the charge corresponding to the cost applied by the card company shall be applied. From the moment the ticket is issued, the Company still has the right to modify the ticket price in the event of increased fuel costs or port charges and fees. The price indicated on the travel ticket does not include the provision of food and beverages on board, which remain the responsibility of the passenger. Meals can be consumed, subject to payment, at the restaurant and/or self-service facilities. Any boarding and disembarking fees, where applicable, are expressly indicated on the ticket. Tickets purchased directly from the port ticket office may include the payment of a supplement for the use of the ticket office in the embarkation area. To the price of the ticket, booking fees are applied at a cost from € 4.00 per passenger (per transaction and per trip). All special and/or promotional prices are available until all dedicated places have been booked and are automatically offered by the booking system. The application of special and/or promotional prices depends on the date of booking and/or departure, on the number of passengers, the chosen arrangement and the booking channel used, and is subject to the availability of places at the time of booking. The reservations obtained at special or promotional prices may only be modified if they include the Flexibility Option and cannot be cancelled or reimbursed. The Flexibility Option does not release the customer from paying any price differences resulting from the variation requested, but rather only allows for the modification of the reservations purchased at special or promotional prices.

Passengers in possession of a ticket purchased with a reduction agreement must exhibit a copy of a document certifying their membership to the organisation/association (the number of which must be included on the purchased ticket) together with their own identity document and any additional document requested by the Carrier for the individual agreement, as it appears, at the time of check-in, on the official website of the Carrier. The member must be present on the passenger list of the booking with the agreed reduced rate. Failure to provide the required documentation and/or non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage shall result in the cancellation of the reservation and the consequent right to board. As a result, the passenger must unavoidably purchase a new ticket, paying the difference between the price of the agreed reduced fare and the price of the ordinary ticket according to the prices in force at the time of purchase. Alternatively, the passenger may request the Company refund the unused ticket, paying a 25% penalty. The promotions are not cumulative, nor can they be applied to a ticket with other discounts.

4 - Presentation for embarkation

Unless otherwise modified in writing, the boarding time is two hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the vessel for passengers with accompanying vehicles, whilst it is one hour for passengers without accompanying vehicles.

Failure to comply with the aforementioned timeframes will result in the cancellation of the reservation and the right to a refund, even partial, of the price paid.

Passengers who are not present at the time of boarding, or who do not board the ship expected and indicated on the reservation or on the ticket, are not guaranteed the possibility of boarding, with there being no refund, even partial, nor indemnification and/or compensation.

5 - Cancellation and refunds

Except as laid out in Article 400 of the Maritime Law, the Company grants to the passenger who does not intend to or can no longer depart, to provide partial reimbursement of the travel price. In this case, the passenger must give written notice to the office in Messina by faxing +39 090.53416 or emailing: servizioclienti@carontetourist.it (for private customers) and agenzie@carontetourist.it (only for bookings purchased through travel agencies). The communication must be sent by the passenger either directly or through their travel agency, if the ticket was purchased from the travel agent.

The request to cancel a reservation must be received by the Carrier no later than 24 business hours before the date of departure of the vessel reserved. The request to cancel a reservation cannot be sent on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, and must be received by the Company during the operating hours of the designated offices (Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm).

Communications that do not comply with this schedule are logged with the date of the first subsequent business day (e.g., a request sent at 10:45 pm on Friday is recorded and logged by the Carrier on the date of the following Monday). In any case, however, the penalties are applied in relation to the actual registration and the protocol for requests by the Carrier, without prejudice to the fact that no refund is due if the request is registered within 24 hours prior to the departure date shown on the ticket.

The request for reimbursement that are filed within the 24 hours prior to or after the departure of the vessel reserved are taken into consideration, as no refund is due. Penalties for the cancellation of a reservation, which the Carrier may also deduct from the price already paid, are as follows:

  • 20% - in case of a request registered more than 19 (nineteen) days prior to the departure date shown on the ticket;
  • 30% - in the case of a request registered within a period of between 19 (nineteen) and 4 (four) days prior to the date of departure shown on the ticket;
  • 50% - in the case of a request registered within a period of between 3 (three) and 2 (two) days prior to the date of departure shown on the ticket;
  • 75% - in case of a request registered 1 (one) day prior to the departure date shown on the ticket (provided that the request is not registered in the 24 hours prior to the departure date on the ticket);
  • 100% - in case of a request registered within the 24 hours prior to the departure date shown on the ticket.

The penalties determined for the cancellation of bookings, already subject to the prior variations, are determined in relation to the date of the original booking, considering, in such a case, the request for a change in the original reservation as a cancellation request.

Reservations purchased with promotional prices with limited availability cannot be cancelled and refunded.

For the calculation of the refund, reference is made to the date of the logging and registration by the Carrier of the cancellation request. No refund shall be granted to passengers who do not present themselves within the time for boarding without prior communication to the Company of the occurrence of any of the circumstances set forth in Article 400 of the Admiralty Law, as is the case for passengers who communication partial cancellations upon check-in.

6 - Variations

The variation of a reservation foresees the application of the following penalties (which may also be deducted from the price already paid):

  • 10% - in case of a request registered more than 19 (nineteen) days prior to the departure date shown on the ticket;
  • 15% - in the case of a request registered within a period of between 19 (nineteen) and 4 (four) days prior to the date of departure shown on the ticket;
  • 25% - in the case of a request lodged within a period of between 3 (three) and 1 (one) day prior to the date of departure shown on the ticket;
  • 100% - in case of a request registered within the 24 hours prior to the departure date shown on the ticket.

Modifications and variations are effectuated subject to availability and, in the event of a passenger's withdrawal due to unavailability of places, the reimbursement will be subject to the same penalties and conditions as in Article 5, considering the request for variation as a request for cancellation. Tickets issued under limited-availability promotions are subject to the integration of the price if the new date or type of transport is not subject to the same offer. When making a reservation, it is possible to include in the same the Flexibility Option, available from € 10.00. The Flexibility Option allows you to make up to 2 (two) variations to the booking without incurring any penalty, but is not valid for the cancellation requests for reservations under Article 5, nor does it exempt the customer from paying any eventual price differences resulting from the variation requested. Requests for the variation of bookings covered by the Flexibility Option can be submitted up to 8 business hours prior to the departure date shown on the ticket. After this time, despite the Flexibility Option, a 100% penalty is charged. The booking relative to multiple passengers covered by the Flexibility Option is not refundable individually, but solely for the cancellation of the entire reservation for all passengers. The Flexibility Option is the only available accessory that allows for the application of variations to reservations purchased with limited-availability promotional prices.

7 - Early/delayed departure/arrival - Cancellation of departure - Route changes

Before departure, the passenger is required to verify that no changes have been made to the vessel and the time indicated on the ticket. In any case, the cancellation, late departure and interruption of the trip are exclusively governed by the Regulation EU/1177/2010, which can be seen on the carontetourist.it website, subject only to the provisions of Article 405 of the Maritime Code with reference to the interruption of the trip.

Arrival times, where foreseen, are to be considered as merely indicative and may be subject to changes due to weather conditions, port traffic, manoeuvres, and restrictions imposed by the competent authorities or other persons not attributable to the Company.

The indication of the vessel for carrying out the carriage is merely indicative, being the faculty of the Carrier to replace it at any time with another ship, including with another carrier. The Commander has the complete right to rescue persons whose life is at risk or to assist other ships that are in danger and to adjust or deviate from the ordinary route in any direction in relation to the marine-weather conditions for navigation safety.

Any resulting delay in arrival and/or modification to the itinerary, therefore, does not involve any liability to the Carrier.

8 - Boarding and disembarking of vehicles

Vehicles are called for embarkation in the order determined by the Commander of the ship and/or their auxiliaries and officers. Vehicles fuelled with liquid methane gas or other gases must be declared at the time of booking and boarding. The electrical alarm and antitheft systems must be switched off when boarding. Vehicle embarkation operations, including arrangement on board, landing operations, and possible transfer of the vehicle to/from the parking area to the ship and/or the transfer of the vehicle from the ship to the parking area are always carried out under the exclusive care, risk and liability of the passenger who, upon completion of the embarkation operations, must always activate the parking brake, engage the gear, turn off the vehicle's lights, remove the keys from the ignition and make sure that the car doors and luggage compartment are properly closed, so as to not facilitate the loss of any baggage and/or personal belongings within the vehicle. It is also forbidden to travel within the motor vehicles, campervans (unless the Camping on Board service has been booked) and coaches after boarding, for the entire duration of the trip and, in any case, until the ship has reached the port of arrival and the personnel on board have allowed passengers access to the local garage. It is also mandatory for all Camper and Caravan drivers to engage the gas shut-off valves and disconnect the electrical equipment. The state in which the vehicle is left must comply with the procedures laid out by the Maritime Authority.

The passenger is solely responsible for any damage to his or her vehicle, the goods and luggage contained therein, to his/her own person, as well as to the persons present in the vehicle.

The passenger is also solely responsible for any eventual damage to third parties, their vehicles, goods and luggage.

Prior to embarking, the driver or the person in charge of the cargo must arrange for the covering of the load on the vehicle and, in any case, to take any suitable measure to prevent any movement and/or falling of the load from the vehicle. Therefore, the driver remains liable together with the owner of the load and the consignor/sender (if different from the driver) for damages to the company and/or third parties resulting from the failure to comply with these requirements.

The vehicle, including any trailer and/or caravan, with the contents contained therein, in the absence of a specific written statement of the passenger, is understood as being accepted by the Carrier without any declaration of value. Therefore, the liability of the Carrier for loss and/or damage to the vehicle, the exonerations and the deductible provided for in the following clause no. 18, may not exceed the legal limit.

9 - Conduct of the passenger

The passenger must observe the provisions of the Italian and EU law as well as the provisions of the ship's Commander, and of this current regulation of the Company, which the passenger takes into account, accepting the contents when purchasing the ticket and which, in any case, can be consulted on the Company's website carontetourist.it or at any of its ticket offices. In addition, the passenger is directly liable to the Company for any offense, harassment, fines and expenses incurred by the Port Authority, Customs, Health and/or any other Authority of any other country. Children under the age of 18 to 14 years of age can also travel unaccompanied, under the responsibility of persons exercising parental authority, whilst those under 14 years must travel accompanied by adult passengers and have the same onboard arrangements and be kept under the surveillance of the parents and/or persons responsible. In the event of an emergency, passengers must make themselves available to the Commander and Officers and must strictly carry out the orders and instructions that they will receive.

In accordance with existing anti-terrorism regulations (ISPS), passengers may at any time be subject to luggage inspection and/or requested to show identification to the ship's Officers.

10 - Psychophysical conditions of the passenger

The Commander has the power to refuse passage to anyone who, in his or her opinion, is in a physical or mental condition such that he or she cannot face the journey or to anyone who is found to be, due to the use of narcotics, hallucinogenic and/or alcohol, dangerous to other passengers and to the safety of the ship. In such cases, the passenger will not be entitled to damages yet will be liable for any damages caused to the ship, all its fittings and equipment, for any delays to its departure, as well as damage to third parties or to the property of third parties.

The Company's acceptance of the passenger on board shall not be considered as a waiver of the Company's right to file any claim for damages sustained by the Carrier.

The exercise of such discretion by the Commander and/or the Company shall be in accordance with the regulations in force and, with regards to persons with reduced mobility, in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 and 8 of the EU Regulation no. 1177/2010.

The embarkation of a pregnant passenger involves their acceptance of risks such as the absence of onboard medical care or specialised medical assistance and facilities suitable for managing any pregnancy-related emergencies, as well as specificity of sea travel, both in reference to any weather conditions in the marine environment and the difficulty of access to external assistance, consequently waiving and exempting Cartour and all its personnel from any liability.

11 - Passengers with disabilities/persons with reduced mobility

In compliance with the regulations in force, the ship is fitted with a limited number of cabins suitable for disabled persons.

The Carrier accepts reservations for persons with disabilities and reduced mobility under the same conditions applicable to all other passengers.

In accordance with the Regulation EU/1177/2010, it is the responsibility of the disabled person and of the person with reduced mobility to report in writing, upon booking or at the time of advanced ticket purchase, their specific requirements for accommodation, for a place to be seated, the services requested or the need to transport medical devices. For any other type of assistance, they must also electronically inform the Carrier or operator of the terminal at least 48 hours prior and be present at a designated meeting point at least 60 minutes prior to departure.

The Carrier may refuse to accept a reservation, to issue a ticket or to board a person who is disabled or has reduced mobility for the purpose of complying with applicable safety requirements established by international, European or national law or for the purpose of compliance with the safety obligations established by the competent Authorities, or where the design of the port renders it impossible to embark, disembark or travel in safe conditions. In such a case, the Carrier shall inform the person who is disabled or has reduced mobility and will reimburse the ticket issued. If strictly necessary, the Carrier may require that a person with reduced mobility be accompanied by another person who can provide assistance. Without prejudice to the rights under Regulation EU/1177/2010, in the event of loss or damage to mobility aids or other specific equipment used by a passenger with reduced mobility, the compensation corresponds to the replacement value of the equipment in question or, where appropriate, to the cost of repairs.

12 - Explosive, flammable and hazardous materials

It is strictly forbidden for passengers to include in their luggage or property in his/her own vehicles aboard, industrial waste or substances that are explosive and/or flammable or otherwise dangerous for the safety of the ship, the load or the safety of the other passengers and of the crew members. In the event of a breach of this prohibition, the Commander is authorised to seize or destroy such substances without the passenger being able to claim any compensation. In addition, the passenger is responsible for the consequences of violating this prohibition.

13 - Weapons

At the time of boarding, the passenger is obliged to hand over to the Commander all melee weapons and/or firearms in his or her possession. In the case of non-compliance, the offenders are subject to the confiscation of weapons and referral to the competent judicial authority.

14 - Baggage

All valuables, jewellery, cash, credit cards, traveller's cheques, etc., may be deposited in the appropriate security boxes on the ship or, in their absence, delivered in a close and sealed envelope to the Commissioner on board, who shall issue a receipt for this envelope without checking its contents. It remains, in any case, agreed that even for luggage and items not handed over to the Carrier, the responsibility of the Carrier is limited as per the law.

15 - Animals

The transport of small pets accompanying the passenger is permitted, provided that they have the registration for the animal, the certificate of good health issued by a veterinarian and all the necessary vaccinations, where appropriate, and have purchased the appropriate ticket. In accordance with hygienic and sanitary regulations, pets - when accepted by the Company - must travel in the areas reserved for them, as it is strictly forbidden for passengers to keep animals in the cabins and in the common rooms (except in the cases whereby a pet cabin service is offered).

Passengers are responsible for any damage caused to things or persons by their pets.

The Carrier declines any responsibility for the seizure or removal of animals by the Health Authorities at the port of embarking/disembarking, as well as for the injury, loss or death of the animals during transport or during embarkation and/or disembarkation.

Larger-sized pets are subject to the incontestable permission of the ship's Commander. Notwithstanding that stated prior and the sole responsibility of the passenger for damage to property or persons caused by the animals, in the case of permission to board, larger-size dogs must be fitted with a muzzle and a leash during the entire journey. In any case, the transport of all animals (small or otherwise) is always at the sole risk of the passenger and/or their owner and their admission on board by the Commander does not constitute any liability on the part of the ship or the Carrier.

16 - Arrangement on board

The passenger must occupy the place indicated on their ticket or, failing this, that assigned by the Commander or the Commissioner on board. The Company has the right to assign a place to the passenger that is different to that indicated on their ticket, whereby this meets specific technical requirements. If the assigned place is of a superior type, no price difference is required.

17 - Applicable law, jurisdiction and competent court of law

The contract of carriage for passengers, their baggage and vehicles to be followed is governed by and interpreted in accordance with Italian law. Any dispute concerning the validity and/or interpretation and/or execution of this contract is the sole responsibility of the jurisdiction of Messina.

Article 18 - Claims

The Carrier is not liable for any loss and/or damage to vehicles or to goods/merchandise contained therein, which may occur before and during boarding, aboard the ship, during the passage (except in the sole hypothesis of gross negligence of the Carrier), as well as during or after disembarking.

Without prejudice to that stated above, the passenger must bring any damage to vehicles or the occurrence of any other damaging event during the transportation to the attention of the ship's Command or to the agents and/or the Officers on board - at the risk of forfeiture - prior to disembarking. To this end, the passenger must lodge a complaint with one of the Officers on board, who shall supply the appropriate form, to be signed by the passenger. In the event of an accident on board, the passenger must in any case immediately report the incident to the Commander who, if necessary, will draw up a report to start the appropriate insurance procedure. Otherwise, and therefore in the absence of a report from the Commander in service, the Company cannot accept any complaints regarding claims on board ships and/or within the areas under its jurisdiction.

For luggage and items not delivered by the passenger to the Carrier, the latter is not liable for loss and/or damage unless the passenger proves that they have been determined by causes attributable to the Carrier directly. The Carrier shall not be liable for damages and/or breakdowns attributable to acts or omissions of third parties. Instead, for baggage handed over to the Carrier, the liability of the latter is governed by Article 412 of the Maritime Law.

Subject to all applicable laws, the liability of the Carrier is in any case subject to a deductible of 330 units of currency in the event of damage to a vehicle and a deductible of 149 units of currency (per passenger) in the event of loss or damages to other items of luggage.

19 - Passenger information

In compliance with the Ministerial Decree of 13th October 1999 on the transposition of the EEC Directive 98/41 of 18th June 1998 and the rules on the application of the ISPS Code on anti-terrorism regulations, all passengers are required to communicate at the time of booking and, at the time of purchasing the ticket, their personal details, being surname, first name or initial of the same, gender, age category (newborn, child, under 18 and above 14 years of age, adult), place and date of birth and a telephone number. The personal data collected pursuant to this regulatory provision is kept only for the time required for the purposes of the aforementioned decree and/or in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003.