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Autostrade d'Amare (the Motorways of Love)

What are the departure times?
The service foresees at least one departure per day from both ports. The timetables can be consulted via the "Schedules and Rates" menu, in which you will find all the information about our connections, or directly through the Autostrade d'Amare online booking system.

Where can I purchase tickets?
At the ticket offices present at the boarding points (where an extra service charge may be applied), through the Autostrade d'Amare online booking service, by telephoning the number + or through any travel agency.

What are the departure docks?
In Messina: Molo Norimberga (Zona Falcata - take the "Messina Centro" motorway exit, then follow the “Imbarchi per Salerno” - "Boarding for Salerno" signs).
In Salerno: Molo Ponente (A30 Motorway, Sa/RC junction) Salerno direction. “Salerno Centro, Costiera Amalfitana” exit. Follow the signs in the direction of the Porto Commerciale.

What services are available on the ships?
The C&T fleet consists of ships dedicated to both passenger and freight transport, capable of travelling up to speeds of 26 knots, with comfortable cabins with bathroom amenities, lounge areas with numbered and reclining seats, as well as coffee bars, restaurants, rooms with satellite TV, mobile telephone coverage, roaming internet connection, children's play area and facilities for disabled persons.

Are all cabins equipped with bathroom facilities?
All of the cabins are equipped with bathroom facilities. The ships are also equipped with cabins for persons with reduced mobility.

Is there a restaurant on board?
All ships have a Self-service restaurant.

What is the duration of the trip?
The journey lasts around 9 hours.

Are there any savings offered when buying a return ticket?
Buying a round-trip ticket can save up to 20% on the return journey.

Are any discounts and/or special offers available?
Periodically, discounts and/or special offers are available in relation to the period of the season. At the same time, it is always possible to effectuate a partner-discount reservation. The list of booking partners is available on the dedicated page,
Passengers who have a partner-discount reservation must comply with the procedures necessary for the validation of the reservation. These procedures are explained to the customer at the time of booking and are reported both on the aforementioned page and in the General Terms and Conditions governing the Service (Article 4).

What should I do if I do not receive the ticket by email after having effectuated the purchase?
If you do not receive the ticket purchased, simply contact the number + and/or send an email to and our Customer Care team will undertake to immediately provide you with adequate assistance.

If I miss the ship's departure, do I have the right to a refund?
Passengers who are not present at the embarkation point within the terms of the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage will not be entitled to any reimbursement.

Did made a mistake with a reservation. Can I modify or cancel it?
Reservations may be modified and/or cancelled in accordance with that outlined in the General Terms and Conditions of Carriage (Article 8)

How and when can I request an invoice for my booking?
As of 1st January 2013, invoices for valid tickets for the Messina - Salerno line can only be requested at the time of booking (both if the transaction is completed online or by telephone) or in any case not later than the same day of purchasing the ticket.
If you have forgotten to request the invoice during your purchase (online or via telephone), simply contact our number + to request one, yet only within and not after the same day of purchasing the ticket.

How can animals be transported?
In accordance with health regulations, pets must travel within the areas reserved for them. It is strictly forbidden to keep pets in the cabin and in the areas reserved for passengers.

Can pregnant women travel?
On the Autostrade d'Amare lines, pregnant women are generally able to be accepted for boarding.
Procedura/assistenza persone a mobilità ridotta At the same time, it is necessary to specify that, although the crew is adequately prepared for first aid intervention, a crew will not be available on board certain journey, and the ship will also be able at a distance of up to 5 hours from the nearest landmark at certain points of the crossing.
In virtue of that stated above, there is the possibility (in the case of an emergency) to allow a passenger to disembark during the crossing to ensure hospitalisation at an hospital facility and, in addition, aerial assistance may also be requested for helicopter rescue services, however such operations may in any case require several hours of waiting.

What travel documents do I need to embark?
In addition to the boarding ticket, all passengers including minors (children under 11 years old) will need to be in possession of a valid identification document at the time of check-in.
Otherwise, boarding will be refused without any right to a refund.