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People with reduced mobility

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Procedure/assistance for persons with reduced mobility (PRM)

Messina - Salerno Line

Access to the ship for Persons with Reduced Mobility takes place through the appropriate deck.
There are 2 pathways with suitable for the removal of structural barriers.

Boarding procedure

Persons with Reduced Mobility are required to specify their needs at the time of booking. Accordingly, the office responsible for providing appropriate information to the relevant ticket office, which shall promptly notify the Command on board regarding their presence, the latter shall then inform the Commissioner on board who will send one or two persons certified to assist P.R.M. to the access points for the designated decks.

In the event of an accompanying automobile, it will be parked at deck no. 5 under shelter.

The appointed personnel will accompany the P.R.M. to the Reception area who, after carrying out the boarding procedures, will be escorted to the cabin/s reserved for him/her (Cabin no. ____ and Cabin no. ____).

If necessary during the trip, the P.R.M. will be assisted by the staff responsible for any need.

Disembarking operation

The person/s appointed by the Commissioner will accompany the P.R.M. externally to the deck intended for their vehicle and will be given the utmost priority for disembarking.


If any emergency occurs during the trip, the Person with Reduced Mobility will be assigned a fixed person for rerouting to the meeting point.