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After extending beyond the Strait, our naval company has today become established as a leader in Mediterranean transport services. With the inauguration of the Messina - Salerno route of the Autostrade d'Amare, Caronte & Tourist established themselves as a point of reference in the sea connections to central and southern Italy.

Driven by the desire for modernisation, we are constantly searching for cutting-edge solutions that are able to respond to the transformations of the maritime transport market.

Proud of our history, our sea-route is studded with important successes and new starting points.

For example, 1999 was the year of the M/N Vestfold (today's Telepass) dual-deck ship, with a load capacity and speed above those of previous ships.

2001 was a turning point, with the inauguration of the Messina - Salerno route, serviced by the latest generation high-speed Cartour ships, with a travelling time of around 7.5 hours.

The safety of our passengers has always been the cornerstone of our activities. In 2010, the management of the three relevant seaports became supported by one control tower, directing the incoming and outgoing traffic from all the ports concerned (Messina Rada San Francesco, Messina Tremestieri, Villa San Giovanni). Utilised for the first time were the latest-generation control systems, such as the RFID tickets and the accompanying telematic check-in. These technologies allow the staff in service on the meeting points to coordinate with maximum precision the loading flow, whilst ensuring maximum safety during boarding and landing procedures.

In 2013, the online ticket sales service was inaugurated for the Messina - Villa San Giovanni line.

In our recent past, Telepass provided its experience and set-up at a seaport for the first time. In fact, as of 2015, passengers in transit on the Strait of Messina are finally able to buy a ticket without having to exit from their vehicle and without having to pay for the trip at the same time.

Looking to the future, our focus is on eco-sustainable transport. A will that now finds a synthesis in the realization of "Elio", the first ferry boat to sail in the Mediterranean using the LNG, fuel with a very low environmental impact.
In fact, liquefied natural gas reduces CO2 emissions by 40%, 90% by NOx and by 100% by SMEs and Sox. LNG does not contain sulfur oxides or particulate matter, although it is a hydrocarbon.
An ecological ship, in essence, whose delivery ceremony took place November 17, 2018 and represents an epochal turning point because the use of clean fuel becomes finally a reality in maritime connections.