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Thursday, 13 December, 2018 - 15:45

The doors of "Onde Sonore" reopen once again

Mamma li turchi

The musical event "Onde Sonore" organized by the Caronte & Tourist Group on the occasion of the Christmas holidays will reopen once again.

This year the spotlights will illuminate the stage set up on board the new flagship of the fleet: "Elio", the first ecological ship to sail in the Mediterranean.

The program of this edition is very rich and its artistic director is Max Garrubba, one of the most famous bluesmen in the national music scene.

This year the evenings will have a theme that will act as emotional glue to the exhibition of the groups. We start tomorrow starting at 17.20 with "Mamma li Turchi". On the stage of the "Elio" sailing between the two banks of the Strait, there will be the "Trio Nawal & Antonio Andaloro", "Emmeles Trio" and finally "Mattanza", all three formations highly listed in the panorama of Italian music.

The collections of concerts and parties will be donated to charity to the association "Liberi dalla Meningite".

Ethical sponsor of the event also this year will be "Posto Occupato", an initiative to support and raise awareness of the emergence of gender-based violence.