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Monday, 13 January, 2020 - 11:00

The Blue in Blues on the stage for the first act of You come down from the stars

The Blue in Blues on the stage for the first act of You come down from the stars

Not a white one but a blue...s Christmas was the one branded C&T with the Blue in Blues’ concert, the first part of "You come down from the stars", the Onde Sonore event planned for December 23rd but - because of the adverse weather conditions - it was developed in two extra dates: on the 27th December and on the 2nd January 2020, when the Cantica Nova Gospel Choir closed the most Christmas show on the Onde Sonore calendar.

Not bad for the Blue in Blues who were able to entertain their audience for three hours of show on board the N / T Elio crossing the Strait of Messina.

In a totally Christmas theme, the Catania’s group has re-arranged the most famous Christmas songs - and not only - in the performance they called "ChristmaX 'n Blues", a title that, in addition to the evoking Christmas theme and the top genre of the band, is also inspired by the name of its founder, frontman and guitarist - and artistic director of Onde Sonore - Max Garrubba.

The ensemble is made up of a large group of singers and musicians that makes it like a polyphonic orchestra thanks to the voices of Donata Brischetto and Grazia Apollonia Caruso and to the musicians Francesco Balletti at the hammond organ, Carmelo Castorina on bass, Giovanni Scandurra on piano and glockenspiel, Pino Terranova on sax and Ercole Cantello on percussion.

The idea of ​​the Christmas themed show combined with a soul and rhythm & blues key was born from the friendship of Max Garrubba and Julis E. Green - historic American soul man member of the Mad Lads - who in 2003 decided to create a show that it followed the sounds of Booker T & the MG'S, recording a CD entitled "We wish you a Blues Xmas".

Last year, in memory of Julius who passed away six years ago, the album has been re-proposed in a new graphic design and relaunched on digital platforms, and this year they give life to an overwhelming performance for C&T passengers.

The repertoire involved the audience in various emotional nuances: from the touching arrangement of Silent Night, to the traditionality of Tu Scendi dalle Stelle and the more international songs like Jingle Bells up to the notes of pieces now become typically Christmas for their message of solidarity and love like Oh Happy Day, We are the world capable of put together any generational gap and making adults and children sing and dance while crossing the Strait.

The next Onde Sonore’s appointment is set for December 29th, starting from 6 p.m., with the international show "Usa to Africa" ​​starring the Trinity Unite and the Horny Brothers. Tickets will cost € 5 and the proceeds will be donated to charity to support the cause of the LILT, Italian League for the Fight against Cancer.