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Tuesday, 18 February, 2020 - 15:00

For Carnival the events of Onde Sonore start between drag queen shows and latin dances

For Carnival the events of Onde Sonore start between drag queen shows and latin dances

The events of Onde Sonore are back for carnival: Caronte & Tourist Group has prepared a mixed three-days program to spend the most colorful holidays of the year on board the Telepass ship. After the success of the traditional Christmas musical kermesse, for the first event of 2020 of the Events, C&T together with its artistic director Max Garrubba decided to differentiate the entertainment offer with the manifestation Carnevale in Nave: three events for three different formulas were designed to satisfy the desire to have fun that carnival inspires not only in the youngest but also in adults.

The first appointment is scheduled for Friday 21st February, starting at 18:40, when Le Portinaie, the famous group of Calabrian drag queens and artistic reference point of the LGBT culture between Sicily and Calabria, will re-propose their show with the rainbow notes that already got great success on the occasion of the Messina gay-pride last June. Diamanda, Lady Godiva, Lady Aisy, Cherilyn and Doretta are the five characters who, accompanied by a DJ, will set up a show made not only of sequins and wigs, but above all of singing and scenic arts. They are capable of involving any type of audience in an eccentric, but never vulgar, world that make people thinking about equality and freedom of expression.

On Sunday 23rd the long-awaited masquerade party for children will be performed: during the whole day - starting from 9:20 until 18:20 - games, dances, inflatables and sweets will make the carnival unforgettable and unrepeatable for the children together with their parents thanks also to the presence of animators and make-up artists.

The notes of SonClave will close Carnevale in nave, Monday 24th February: they are a salsa group expression of the great Caribbean music orchestra Rumbaclave. Through an original live, the six musicians of twenty years of experience will entertain the audience with the great classics of the Cuban repertoire. But the event will not characterized only by the music: make-up artists will be available to passengers who want to masquerade themselves in an original way, while the Latin notes will accompany a couple of dancers, Aurelio Consalvo and Sebiana Indelicato, who will open the dances for those who, between viewers will want to take part to the dance hall.

Even on the occasion of the Onde Sonore Events, C&T does not lose its beneficial purpose and it has chosen the Associazione Italiana Sclerosi Multipla (AISM) to allocate the proceeds from the tickets - saled at a cost of 5 euros for concerts and 2,50 for the children's party - which, as usual, will be doubled by the Group. The ethical sponsor of the event will be once again Posto Occupato, an initiative to support and raise awareness of the emergence of gender-based violence.