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Monday, 13 January, 2020 - 12:15

The Glourius 4 and I Cantustrittu for Telethon special event

The Glourius 4 and I Cantustrittu

Eclecticism: this was the watchword for the Onde Sonore’s special event in favor of Telethon. The Glorious 4 and the I Cantustrittu were the two main groups chosen for the event: both characterized by a multifaceted number of voices and instruments, they brought to the stage of the N/T Elio different ways of understanding and "doing" music.

The Glourius 4 opened the event through their moving and original sound. The group is an unusual sicilian ensemble of four women that ranges from jazz to pop formed by the voices and percussions of Cecilia Foti and Federica D'Andrea, Agnese Carrubba and Maria Millimaggi. The quartet reached important primates and victories during national and international competitions as well as very successful personal productions, for example their last album released in 2018.

Several musical genres, popular but rearranged songs and a curious sound experimentation were the recipe for the success of the band's presence aboard the ship Elio. Their repertoire, in fact, deals with the search for bizarre sounds, the emulation of sounds of nature, the use of percussion body and unconventional objects in support of the performance that during the manifestation in a first time received great curiosity and then huge appreciation in the audience.

 From the internationality of the Glourius 4 songs, in the second part of the event, the event moved on to the territoriality of the Musical Cultural Association I Cantustrittu, born in Messina from the meeting of numerous Sicilian musicians with many years of experience in the ethnic and folkloric genre and a deep passion for Sicilian tradition in 360 degrees.

During the event, came to light the desire to perform of the Cantori dello Stretto di Messina, linked to a precisely aim of the group: spread locally and globally an almost mythical vision of Sicily through a balance between tradition, common languages and musical innovation. In fact, the original re-run of tarantelle, counter-dances and songs of the maritime tradition involved the travelling audience.

The performance also included the interpretation of songs in local dialect, of "cunti" and millennial stories, proverbs and sonnets, ancient music, riddles, nursery rhymes and serenades, remodeled and repurposed to enhance and safeguard traditions people of the strait.