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Tuesday, 3 March, 2020 - 08:45

South American Carnival with the Cuban Sonclave: salsa dance

Carnevale in nave a tema Sud Americano

The events of Carnivale in Nave ended with the Latin rhythm of Sonclave, an Italian-Cuban band that transported C&T passengers in a typically South American carnival atmosphere.

Born as an appendix of the famous Latin music orchestra Rumbaclave, the group is made up of experienced musicians who together propose traditional music resulting from a meticulous study of Cuban rhythms that make it - in its original formation - one of the most active Italian orchestras of salsa and classic Latin genres.  

The sounds on board of the Telepass ship respond to the voice of Alessandro Spagna in art "Pandero", to the congas of Sergio Spitaleri "Zagarro", to the piano of Mario Pappalardo "Mariachi", to the double bass of Claudio Pirrone "Peròn", the trumpet of Giuseppe "Pepito" Spampinato, the maracas and the guiro of Salvo Nastasi "Nino" and the timbales of Miguel Atrapa Gonzales. The latter is the authentic "Cuban" part of the band and the last purchase of the small orchestra: born in Cuba, in fact, he is a very famous percussionist in his country.

 During the show, the songs were played rigorously live and rearranged without the aid of electronic bases - as the South American tradition wants. The band involved the audience until they made it dance thanks, moreover, to the presence of the couple of professional dancers, Aurelio Consalvo and Sebiana Indelicato. Young and adults passengers also had the opportunity to participate even more to the spirit of the Carnevale in Nave by C&T by masking themselves in an original way through artistic make-up created by professional make-up artists on board.