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Pelagie Islands

Pelagie Islands

The island of turtles

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Ferries to the Pelagie Islands (Sicily)

Depart with Siremar Caronte & Tourist Isole Minore aboard the ferries to the Pelagie Islands, to discover the beauties of Linosa and Lampedusa. Both in summer and winter, our departures offer regular connections from Porto Empedocle.

Our ferries ensure a comfortable and relaxing crossing thanks to the many onboard services offered to all passengers.

It is possible to book your tickets online through our booking system, availing of the promotions that we have created for you.

Sail with Siremar and choose the convenience that only a journey by ferry can provide.

The island of turtles

The Pelagie Islands comprise the southernmost strip of land, and it is no coincidence that the Greek philosopher Herodotus called them the "high-sea islands".

The archipelago was the landing point for the Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Saracen and Crusader fleets seeking fresh water. Famous is the July 1551 shipwreck of Admiral Andrea Doria's naval squadron, which saw the loss of the lives of a thousand men.

The three islands that comprise the archipelago - Lampedusa, Linosa and the deserted Lampione - are all geologically different from each other. The first and last are part of the African continental platform, while Linosa is the emerged peak of a dormant volcano.

Thrilling coves and reefs, crystal-clear and pristine seas, beaches like that of Conigli (amongst the most beautiful in the world), make the Pelagie Islands a place with a soul in which nature reigns.
Indeed, together with Calabria, this is the only site in Italy where the Caretta Caretta​​ sea turtles reproduce.