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Capitan Sanvinsente's colony

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Ferries to Linosa (Pelagie Islands)

Siremar will take you aboard its ferries to Linosa, in the Pelagie archipelago. Reaching the island is simple, thanks to our connection service, which is active all year long, departing from Porto Empedocle and Lampedusa.

Set out on a discovery of Linosa, from where you can also decide to continue your trip to the island of Lampedusa.

Choose the unique charm of crossing by ship and enjoy the onboard services that Siremar has created for you.

Capitan Sanvinsente's colony

It was Bernardo Maria Sanvinsente, the captain of the Bourbon marina frigate, who colonised the Linosa island. On 25th April 1845, a group comprised of families of skilled craftsmen from Ustica, Agrigento And Pantelleria (including a deputy mayor, a priest and a physician) landed on the island.

Eleven kilometres of coastline in which beaches and coves follow on from one another, frames a wild land marked by ancient craters. The biggest, the Fossa del Cappellano, in the centre of Linosa, has a diameter of 600 metres and is intensively cultivated by its inhabitants. Crowning the island is the Monte Rosso, Monte Nero and Monte Vulcano.

Not to be missed is the Piscine beach, a series of seawater baths and the Secchitella, with a backdrop of around 25 metres that offers the view of a sunken wreck from which archaeological treasures emerge.

Linosa is, in fact, a point of attraction for diving enthusiasts, who can count on any of the three diving clubs.

On 25th February is the festival dedicated to San Gerlando, patron saint of the island, whilst on 19th August the traditional Lentil food fair takes place.

How to reach the Siremar departure point:

Follow the signs to the port.

Places of interest close to the boarding area:

Marine turtle recovery centre
Established in 1995, the centre is one of the first in Italy. Visitors can access the exhibition room where the world of sea turtles is recounted through films and displays.

Trip duration:

  • From Porto Empedocle: c.a. 7 hours
  • From Lampedusa: c.a. 2 hours

Travelling time may be subject to variations due to meteorological conditions.

Ticket offices

Agency: Gaetano Cavallaro
Via Principe Umberto - 92010
Ph. +39.092.2972062

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