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Dive into the crystal-clear waters

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Ferries to Favignana (Egadi Islands)

Do you want to visit the Egadi Islands? Book now your trip on board a ferry to Favignana with Siremar. Our sailing company will take you on an exploration of this wonderful island all year round, with connections to and from Trapani, Levanzo and Marettimo.

Travelling on our ships is always a pleasant and relaxing experience. Choose the onboard arrangement you prefer and enjoy sailing, whilst being pampered by our onboard services. If you do not want to renounce the convenience of departing with your own vehicle or motorbike, you can even embark with your own transport.

Dive into the crystal-clear waters

Thanks to its numerous beaches and coves, Favignana Is an ideal destination for lovers of the sea.

Cala Rossa is lapped by a turquoise sea in which reflects the white tuff cliff faces. The waters of Cala Azzurra reflect the clear skies. Lido Burrone, with its white sands. Punta Sottile is the ideal place to admire the outline of Egadi at sunset. The Grottes du Bue Marino are packed with fish. La Plaia is close to the inhabited centre and the elegant Stabilimento Florio, once home to the family who brought prosperity to the Egadi Islands by fishing for tuna.

The inland areas of the island also offers fascinating excursions, such as on an exploration of the Monte Santa Caterina and of the historic Spanish fortress. Not to be missed is the Grotte di San Nicola (providing important testimony to the presence of prehistoric man) and the women's baths, a collection of hot water tubs fed by underwater channels dating back to ancient Roman times.

On 14th and 15th August, both in Favignana and in Marettimo, the evocative procession of boats at sea is held to celebrate the assumption of the Virgin Mary. In particular, on the night of 14th August, many bonfires are lit in honour of Our Lady.

How to reach the Siremar departure point:

Follow the street signs to the port.

Public transportation:

Bus service.

Places of interest close to the boarding area:

Museum - Ex Stabilimento Florio
The ex Stabilimento Florio is a majestic structure. It was Ignatius Florio who, in 1878, gave the architect Damiani Almeyda the task of restoring the building, which took on an impressive and magnificent aspect.

Length of the tri:

  • From Trapani: c.a. 1 hour
  • From Marettimo: c.a. 1.5 hours
  • From Levanzo: c.a. 25 minutes

Travelling time may be subject to variations due to meteorological conditions.

Ticket offices

Agency: Liberty Lines
Ph. +39.346.0051673