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The Cyclopean Isles

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Ferries to Vulcano (Aeolian Islands)

Depart aboard the Siremar ferry to Vulcano and reach the Aeolian Islands. Our fleet provides connections with Milazzo, Naples and all the islands of the archipelago.

Crossing by ship will give you moments of relaxation, as you enjoy all the pleasure of travelling by sea, enjoying the various onboard services that Siremar has created for all passengers.

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The Cyclopean Isles

According to Greek mythology, found on Vulcano was the Fucine di Efesto (Forge of Hephaestus), the god of fire and blacksmithing who had for Cyclops as assistants.

The island was formed by the fusion of a number of volcanoes, the biggest being the Vulcano della Fossa. Further north there is Vulcanello, connected to the rest of the island through an isthmus.

The last eruption occurred in 1888-1890, but to this day the volcano has not ceased proving its vitality. There are many phenomena that can be seen: fumaroles, steam jets both on the crest and underwater, and sulphurous muds that have greatly appreciated therapeutic properties.

Tucidides and Aristotle wrote about Vulcano. The studies of some well-known archaeologists and ethno-anthropologists identify the site as the "Island of the Dead". It is thought that the dead would be transported to Vulcano from all of the Aeolian Islands, to be purified by the god of fire through sacred rituals.

The island, heir to the mythological charm conferred by the Greeks and Romans, was renamed "warm earth" (Therasia).  Standing guard, the Vulcano can be climbed on foot by lovers of trekking and nature.

Vulcano is also famous for the thermal springs and for the black-sand beaches.

How to reach the Siremar departure point:

Follow the signs for Porto Levante - Vulcano.

Places of interest close to the boarding area:

The Vulcano muds
The muds of Vulcano are known for their excellent healing properties. Here, one immerses themselves to cure the skin and bones and to counteract respiratory disturbances.

Trip duration:

  • From Milazzo: c.a. 1.5 hours
  • From Lipari: c.a. 30 min

Travelling time may be subject to variations due to meteorological conditions.

Ticket offices

Agency: S.G.M. S.r.l.
Porto Levante
Ph./Fax +39.090.9852301

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