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The land of Casanova's passion

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Ferries to Pantelleria (Sicily)

Our ferries to Pantelleria will take you to explore the "black pearl of the Mediterranean". The island of volcanic origin is reachable from Trapani, with connections operating every month of the year.

Choose to travel with our ships and enjoy the chance to board your vehicle so as to spend a holiday in complete autonomy. Enjoy the pleasure of sailing the seas with a Siremar ferry.

The land of Casanova's passion

Pantelleria extends for 83 Km² and reaches its maximum height in its central part, where the Montagna Grande rises 836 metres above sea level.

From northeast to southwest, the island is rocky and descends to the sea. The north-western area is flatter and hillier.

Surrounded by a crystal-clear sea, Pantelleria is an oriented nature reserve extending from the centre of the island to the coast.

The volcanic origin of the island explains the spectacular steam columns that can be seen arising from the many crevices, the so-called "Favare". Amongst the many thermal springs on the island, the most striking is definitely the Specchio di Venere lake.

The famous Passito di Pantelleria is a pass who ancient history dates back some 2000 years, also comprised of anecdotes such as that of Casanova who, in 1700, offered himself to gain the graces of women he wanted to conquer.

How to reach the Siremar departure point:

Follow the signs to the port.

Public transportation:

Bus service.

Places of interest close to the boarding area:

Museo Vulcanologico
This museum displays specimens of rocks representing the various eruptive and petrographic nature of the island.

Trip duration:

  • From Trapani: c.a. 7 hours

Travelling time may be subject to variations due to meteorological conditions.

Ticket offices

Agency: Agenzia Rizzo
Via Borgo Italia, 22 - 91017
Ph. +39.092.3911120 - Fax +39.092.3911104

Agency: Agenzia marittima Minardi Adriano
Via Borgo Italia, 15 - 91017
Ph. +39.092.3911502