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The fires of San Giuseppe

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Ferries to Marettimo (Aegadian Islands)

>With Siremar, you can travel by ferry to Marettimo, part of the Aegadian Island with a wild and unspoilt charm. Departures operate all year round, 7 days a week, from Trapani and the other islands of the archipelago: Favignana e Levanzo.

Organise yours holidays on the Aegadian Islands, stopping at Marettimo and continuing to tour the archipelago aboard our ships.

The modern fleet and our onboard services will render your journey truly enjoyable.

I fuochi di San Giuseppe - The fires of San Giuseppe

Marettimo is the most distant and mountainous island of the Egadi archipelago. Strengthened by wild and untouched nature, it is a marine park situated between Italy and Africa. Its intense blue backdrop, numerous grottos and rocky cliffs render it a unique destination for those who love the sea, diving and archeology.

You can reach the grottos via boat thanks to the traditional trip around the island at sunset, a service offered by the islanders from a number of points around the islands.

A unique journey that leads to the discovery of the Grotta del Cammello, del Tuono, della Pipa and the Grotta del Presepio. Here, one can distinguish forms that seem like statues, but which which are actually stalactites and stalagmites, eroded by the sea and wind.

Two excursions not to be missed are the one to Castle of Punta Troia, a Bourbon fortress once used as a prison, and that to Monte Falcone, the highest peak in the Egadi archipelago. From here in mid-March, you can see the "Duminara" ritual, in honour of St. Joseph, the patron saint of Marettimo, during which three bonfires symbolising the members of the Holy Family burn in the piazza.

How to reach the Siremar departure point:

Follow the street signs to the port.

Places of interest close to the boarding area:

Castello di Punta Troia
Built by the Saracens with the function of a watchtower, it was subsequently converted into a castle by Ruggero. Guglielmo Pepe was imprisoned here in the early 1800s.

Length of the trip:

  • From Trapani: c.a. 3 hours
  • From Favignana: c.a. 2 hours
  • From Levanzo: c.a. 1 hour

Travelling time may be subject to variations due to meteorological conditions.

Ticket offices

Agency: Marettimo i Freschi di Billante Francesco e Billante Alessandro & C. s.n.c.
Via Maria S.S. delle Grazie, 11 - 91023
Ph. +39.0923.923031 - +39.340.2496144