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Aegadian Islands

Aegadian Islands

The legend of Cala Rossa

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Ferries to the Egadi Islands (Sicily)

The ferries to the Egadi islands that are part of the Siremar fleet connect Trapani with all the islands of the archipelago in a quiet crossroads in the name of pleasure and relaxation. Each day, every month of the year, we can take you to Favignana, Marettimo and Levanzo aboard our ships.

With the Siremar offers, we give you the chance to reach the Egadi Islands at discounted and reduced rates on the tickets. Book directly online with our web booking service, choose your destination and select the onboard arrangements you wish. Once you are on board, enjoy the trip with all the conveniences of our services.

The legend of Cala rossa

Legend has it that Cala Rossa in Favignana, the main Egadi island, owes its name to the blood spilled during the battle fought between Carthage and Rome in 241 BC right in the waters of the archipelago.
The Egadi Islands, the name for which can be translated into "favourable" or "propitious", are known for the beauty of the sea and the archaeological remains.

The islands are safeguarded by a protected sea area that, with an extension of 53,992 hectares, is the largest reserve in the Mediterranean.

All three islands - Favignana, the largest, with an area of ​​33 sq km; Marettimo with an area of ​​12 sq km; and Levanzo at 10 sq km, and which are also joined by the islet of Formica with the rocks of Maraone and Porcelli - are unique places both from a historical and natural point of view.

There is, in fact, evidence of human settlements on these islands dating back before their detachment from the mainland. This is evidenced by the remains found in the Grotta del Genovese in Levanzo, where rock carvings and graffiti form a precious archaeological heritage.