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Monday, 13 January, 2020 - 12:30

Kiss my… rock! starts the musical season of Onde Sonore 2019

Kiss my… rock!

A storm of pure rock opened the doors of Onde Sonore 2019: the Palco / Oscenico and the Deuce were the two leading bands of "Kiss my... Rock!" - this was the name of the first event of the C&T concert show - capable of taking the public on an intense virtual journey along the timeline of classic rock in the meanwhile they were sailing between the two sides of the Strait aboard the ship Elio.

The concert was opened by Palco / Oscenico, a sicilian group born thanks to the union of Paride Acacia, front man and vocalist of the group, Massimo Pino, voice and bass, and Max Parisi, a well-known drummer in Messina. The formation was expanded through the entry of the guitarist Dario Mangano, the pianist Simona Vita and the third voice Davide La Fauci.

Today the rock'n'roll band usually accompanies theatrical performances based on the themes of the Beat Generation of the 50s, but is also able to reinvent itself - as for Onde Sonore’s event - when the prose part is absent.

During Kiss my… Rock, the Palco/Oscenico proposed a faithful but original repertoire that evoked the great columns of rock: from the Beatles to the Eagles, from the Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan up to more recent bands such as the Police and The Grand Funk Railroad they performed an immortal music with engaging  arrangement that put together old and new generations on board.

If the Palco/ Oscenico were been heterogeneous and versatile as we said, the Deuce were been a true faithful coverband of the Kiss. In fact, the members usually define themselves as members of the "Kiss Army", the rank of fans of the American rock band. This huge musical passion that in 1999 allowed Ciccio "Paul" and Peppe "Simmons" to meet and found the band. A few years later, the guitarist Emanuele "Frehley" and the drummer Giovanni "The Cat" started taking part of the group.

During the performance, the public appreciated Deuce’s music for its excellent quality and for the attention to details – from the scenic effects to the make up and the typical eccentric costumes of the group -  that made the concert a real show.