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Boarding procedures

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Ticket: A ticket is a travel document that the passenger will receive (by email or in person) after purchasing a journey on a C&T Group route;

Check-in: The check-in is the operation carried out by the ticket office that involves the issue of the boarding pass to the passenger, after handing over/showing the ticket or communicating the relative booking/PNR code shown on the front of the ticket.

Boarding: The boarding is the operation carried out by the ship's crew, which determines the passenger's entry on board and through which the ship's travel documents are drawn up.

RFID: Technology for recognition and validation and/or automatic storage of information based on the physical storage of datas on a passive support.

QR Code: This is a two-dimensional bar code that contains information of one's ticket that must be read through a special optical reader or a smartphone by the boarding staff.

Purchasing and valid tickets

If you purchase a trip for any C&T Group routes on the website or at a port ticket office, you will receive at the end of your purchase a ticket that may or may not be valid for boarding depending on the instructions specified below that may change according to the sales channel used.

Purchases made on the website

This ticket is valid for boarding; the QR code is necessary to get on board and you can find it in PDF format on the ticket that you receive by email after purchasing. If you purchase as a registered user you will find the QR code also on the App C&T (in the section called “My bookings”).

Any post-sale changes require a new check-in at a port ticket office.

Purchases made at a port ticket office

The ticket is valid for boarding; once the purchase is completed, a boarding pass with an embedded RFID chip will be handed over.

Any post-sale changes require a new check-in at a port ticket office.

Purchases made with phone payment through C&T Customer Care

This ticket is NOT valid for boarding; once the purchase is completed, the ticket is sent to the customer via email and it must be converted into a boarding pass at a port ticket office, except for the condition highlighted below.

In case of purchase made by a registered user on the website, the customer can find the ticket in the reserved area of the website/app (in the section called “My bookings”), where it is possible to check in using the dedicated function.

Any post-sale changes require a new check-in at a port ticket office.

The check-in

If you have made a purchase through the C&T Customer Care but you are not registered on or if you have amended your ticket so that your travel document is no longer valid for boarding, it is necessary to go to the ticket office in order to check in before departure showing your (paper or digital) ticket or simply the booking code/PNR printed on the front.

The ticket office will issue the RFID boarding pass on which the passenger list’s detail will be also included, if required by current regulations for the specific routes.

How early can I check in?

You can check in at any time, but please note that if you wish to make any future changes to your ticket, you will need to personally deliver the RFID boarding pass in your possession to the designated ticket office.


After completing the check-in process at the ticket office, you can proceed to embark on the ship with your boarding pass.

The staff will read your boarding pass using a dedicated scanner, which will inform the system that all passengers and vehicles, whose information are stored on the RFID/QR code chip, have boarded the vessel.

The staff will not need to collect your boarding pass or any copies of the ticket you may have, except in extraordinary cases specified by the Company.

Boarding with a vehicle does not involve a different procedure, but if you are travelling with a vehicle, you should arrive at the port at least 2 hours before the departure and ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order.

If you are travelling with a bicycle or on foot, considering the ordinary boarding procedures described here, you may arrive at the port one hour in advance instead of two.

If you are travelling with a pet, please take a look at the regulations outlined in the General Transport Conditions (

Passengers devoid of a ticket

To travel on the Company’s ships, the passenger must have a valid ticket, as proof of the concluded contract for the specified journey indicated on the ticket itself. Vehicles are registered on the passenger’s ticket or on connecting tickets.

This ticket must be kept throughout the entire journey and presented upon request to the Company staff.

If during an inspection by the Company staff, the passenger is devoid of a valid ticket, he will have to pay the full ticket price plus the on-board collection fee, in accordance with the fare schedule.

A vehicle without a valid ticket or purchased with an improper discount or for a lower class or size, will have to pay the difference from the regular fare plus the on-board collection fee.

Tickets are only valid for the departures shown on them.

In case of loss, ruin or theft of the ticket, a new travel document must be purchased to board.

Tickets may exceptionally be requested on board; in such cases, in addition to the fare, the on-board collection fee, in accordance with the fare schedule, will be charged.


You will be required to show an ID document during the check-in and the boarding process if you are travelling on the following routes: Trapani-Pantelleria, Palermo-Ustica, P. Empedocle-Pelagian Islands, Naples-Aeolian Islands, Messina-Salerno and/or if you have purchased a ticket using a fare discount (as a resident on minor islands, members of affiliated entities, etc.).