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Boarding procedures

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Boarding procedures

Boarding procedure on the Strait of Messina is very easy. You only need to buy a ticket then you’re ready to reach the boarding point.

Tickets purchased at a ticket office or using Telepass service are equipped with RFID technology. Showing this kind of ticket you’re allowed to get on board.

Tickets purchased through our booking on line or external sales networks are equipped with a QR Code. You have show your QR Code to get on board.

Where can i find the qr code in my web ticket?

From 2023 all tickets useful to cross the Strait of Messina purchased online contain a QR Code.

The QR Code must be read by the boarding operator to verify ticket validity. Previous operation is also necessary to include your ticket in the onboard load.

When you bought on line your QR Code is both available in your smartphone wallet (IOS and Android) and PDF format received by mail once the purchase has been finalized

Buying a round trip you’ll receive a QR Code for each trip.


Once you have your ticket you can reach the boarding point and get on board.

The staff will read your boarding pass with a special reader that will signal to the system that all passengers and vehicles, whose info is shown in the RFID chip or in the QR Code, have boarded.

The staff will not collect your boarding pass or copies of your ticket except in any extraordinary cases provided by the Company.

If you have purchased a ticket using any tariff facility, you must also be provided with an identification document to be shown during boarding.