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"Telepass" electronic toll tag

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A great innovation now on the Strait of Messina!

The Telepass service allows you to purchase and collect our tickets at the same time, using the dedicated Telepass lane, enjoying the convenience of not having to alight from your vehicle and having to line up at the ticket office.

"Telepass" Electronic Toll Service

What are the advantages of the service?

  • Avoid having to stop the car to go to the ticket office
  • Avoid queues in the ticket office
  • Pay for your trips in a deferred manner, charged directly to your Telepass account
  • Continuous access to list of individual trips via your account on
  • Receive the Telepass invoice directly

To find out the terms and conditions of the service, please see our section Strait of Messina - Terms of transport.

How it works

To whom is the service addressed?

  • YES Telepass Family Customers
  • NO Rechargeable Telepass Customers
  • NO Europass Customers

The service will be activated automatically upon the first transit and will not incur any additional charges other than the Telepass fee and our tariffs.

For customers with affiliations with Service Companies and Consortiums, activation must be requested through your own partner.

Access to the service only requires you to:

  • Correctly position your Telepass inside the vehicle
  • Take the dedicated lane bearing the Telepass brand, recognisable by vertical and horizontal signage
  • Slow down near the first barrier, stopping at the column to collect the ticket that will be issued automatically
  • Leave the lane and head to the pre-embarkation area

The cost of transit will be charged directly to your Telepass account, which can be consulted within Telepass Club, your reserved area on


  • Passengers with an accompanying vehicle, coach or commercial van up to 4.50 metres
    Such categories of customers will be able to purchase all types of tickets available, which will be issued in the following manner:
    For example, passengers with car onboard:
    • One Way ticket
      At the time of the first trip, a one way ticket will be issued.
    • Same-day return ticket
      At the time of the first trip, a one-way ticket will be issued; if the return trip takes place no later than 4:00 am of the following day, approaching the Telepass column a ticket will be issued with the remaining amount of the Same-day return ticket fare.
    • Return within 3 days ticket
      At the time of the first trip, a one-way ticket will be issued; if the return trip takes place within three days (considered from the day after the departure), approaching the Telepass column a ticket will be issued with the remaining amount of the Return within 3 days ticket fare.
    • Return within 90 days ticket
      Two tickets will be issued, both at the price of one-way ticket.

For further information about the different types of ticket and their relative fares you can visit the following link:

  • Commercial vehicles
    • From Villa San Giovanni, a ticket will automatically be issued that covers the return trip. If the customer has previously purchased a one-way ticket, via the Telepass lane in Messina, a return ticket will be issued upon the successive passing (whereby such a journey takes place within 30 days of departure). The fare will be calculated based on the difference, as is the case for the other means of transport mentioned above.
    • From Messina, as an exception, a ticket will be automatically issued.

Fidelity Card holders

Navigo Per Te users can take advantage of the benefits of the fidelity plan by linking their Telepass device (OBU) to their Navigo Per Te profile within the reserved area.

Anyone with a Fidelity Card, such as the TT Card or CartaClub, must make an explicit request to associate the card number with the relevant Telepass device number to take advantage of the discounts provided.

Customers with Top Client cards will have to continue using the traditional payment method (ticket office) to take advantage of the reductions offered.

Wrong ticket procedure

In the event of an error in the tariff calculation, you will need to go to the TelepassPoint or Messina pedestrian ticket office. In these locations, the customer may request to have a new ticket issued with the correct amount. At the same time, upon providing the original ticket issued in error, you can initiate the procedures for a refund for the wrong ticket.

For more information about the service, visit the site or contact us via the email address,