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Caronte & Tourist

People with reduced mobility

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Definition - PMR Person with reduced mobility means anyone who has a particular difficulty when using public transport, including elderly persons, disabled persons, persons with sensory impairments and wheelchair users, pregnant women and persons accompanying small children.

Caronte & Tourist S.p.A. has always dedicated particular attention to disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility organizing procedures in order to allow all passengers to use their own services on equal conditions guaranteeing a safe journey.

Passengers with reduced mobility can request free assistance:

  • During the ticket issuing. Buying a ticket through the booking on line available on it’s possible to flag the dedicated request box.
  • Getting in touch with Help Desk office available at +39 0905737. It’s necessary to specify booking number or journey datails.
  • Writing an e-mail to

In order to facilitate PMR passengers they’ll have the opportunity to buy tickets at the Info point located into the boarding area.

As indicated in article 11 of the UE Regulation 1177/2010 every assistance request must be sent to the carrier at least 48 hours in advance.

It is also specified that in accordance with Circular 10/SM seats dedicated to PMR are proportionate to the total number of transportable passengers.

Proportion scheduled as follow:

  • For every hundred passengers or fraction that can be carried by the ship at least one seat must be dedicated for the wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair must be secured in such a way that the wheelchair passenger can travel close to the other passengers.
  • For every hundred passengers or fraction that can be carried by the ship at least four seats must be dedicated for disabled passengers.

If the carrier has not received assistance requests PMR seats and parking spaces may be occupied by other passengers.

Plase note that it is possible to obtain assistance in boarding and disembarking also getting in touch with control tower available at the following telephone number +39 0965793143 before to reach the boarding area in Messina or Villa San Giovanni.

Boarding and disembarking procedures

During boarding and disembarking operations properly trained staff will be at the disposal of PMR passenger. Assistance will cover all stages of transport from the purchase until the the disembarkation and during the stay inside the terminal. PMR passengers will receive assistance in:

  • Ticket purchase,
  • Luggage transport,
  • Access on board and in reaching the main hall,
  • Reaching toilets (due to the short duration of the crossing the following vessels are not equipped with PMR toilets: Zancle, Giuseppe Franza, Stretto di Messina, Archimede, Villa San Giovanni and Giano),
  • Access to the garage when travelling with a vehicle in tow,
  • Assistance in disembarking.

Depending on the characteristics of the assistance request Caronte & Tourist may decide which ship must be used for transport.


If any emergency should occur during the journey PMR passenger will be helped by an operator.


In the event of loss or damage of mobility equipment or other specific equipment PMR passengers should contact the staff reporting what happened. Alternataively it is possible to send a report to the e-mail address

Audit on quality

At the end of the trip properly trained staff coordinated by our Diversity and Disability Manager will contact by phone PMR passenger in order to obtain a feedback about the travel experience useful to the improvement of our performances.